Practical and trusted advice

Internationalisation process usually starts with an analysis of the customers’ needs in the new markets where the business intends to operate.
Once determined the most appropriate business model, next step is to determine the area of the legal, administrative and tax rules before executing the strategy.

In addition to the difficulties related to operating their “core business”, Italian companies that intend to operate abroad and foreign companies that intend to operate in Italy have to face the complexities deriving both from Italian law and by foreign law. The interconnections between the different tax rules usually create a labyrinth very difficult to get through.
Some companies tend to approach the legal arena in the new markets without a solid knowledge of the main rules and procedures. This approach may however trigger several risks both to bear unnecessary costs and to miss the target.
Our advice aims to provide a guideline since the first steps through the main complexities of the labyrinth, with a methodic and competent approach, assuring that the company finds its best way in the shortest delay.
In cooperation with an international network of tax and legal experts, our advisors will support our clients to find the best solution for their needs.


Hi Giorgio, Yes that is perfect. Thank you again for the all of the help - I really can't reiterate enough the great peace of mind you were able to provide.


Hi Giorgio, I hope all is well. Thank you for reaching out to me....Coincidentally, I was planning on giving you a call today to share the news I have described below.
I was able to meet with the head of Human Resources. We were able to review the last version of documents that I shared with you. We agreed to some changes in language and an accelerated promotion track...I'm now on the path to be promoted by July 2016...much faster than I could ever have expected! Last week I agreed to the terms.
Thank you for all of the help with this. Can you send me an invoice for your services? Again I just want to reiterate how helpful it was to meet with you and get your advice along the way. It meant a lot to me to have a trusted advisor.