Our Tax Firm is able to provide assistance on all the major fiscal, legal and administrative aspects related to internationalization processes, with particular regard to transfers, hiring and dismissals of managers and board directors.

The ability to engage, through our international network, professionals located in all major countries of the world offers a truly complete and reliable service.

In particular, our services cover the following areas:

  • International Taxes for Employees (Italians working abroad, and foreigners working in Italy)
  • Employer and employer’s personal tax obligations
  • Analysis of the tax residence and its consequences
  • Defining and implementing remuneration policies for all or categories of employees (flexible benefits) or in the case of recruitment, localization or termination of top executives
  • Definition and implementation of stock option plans and equity incentives
  • International tax matters for artists and sportsmen
  • Purchase, possession or sale of real estate and other investments in Italy or abroad by individuals
  • Social security matters for Italian companies with employees working abroad or for foreign companies with employees working in Italy: employer’s obligations and impact on employee’s pension rights
  • Legal matters (employment and trading contracts) and taxation (intercompany services, transfer pricing) for companies operating in the international arena
  • Setting up subsidiaries in Italy or abroad

Our services

Our assistance is provided on the basis of a competent approach (experience and knowledge of legislation), methodical (in strict compliance with guidelines) and interdisciplinary (in collaboration with a team of professionals, in Italy and abroad, with sound experience and skills).


Our service is quick, and responds in real time to the needs of our clients.


Our services are ready for use, anytime the client needs them.

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Our professionals are available to be contacted anytime the client needs them.


Our mission is to serve our Client, whose satisfaction is our priority.